Hey Baseball, I’d like you to meet my friend Opera. Opera, this is my friend Baseball.

Do you ever have two people in your life who have never met, they come from two totally different worlds, but you know they’d hit it off? …they have so much in common but would have never met without your intervention?

Baseball and Opera are these two “people” in my life. They have so much in common, but couldn’t be farther apart. 

Both are a three to four hour diversion from my busy, anxious life. Both have heroes and villains that wear costumes, set on an elaborate stage. Both follow an old, strict, comforting format. Both take years of training, persistence, grit, and a bit of divine intervention to allow the performer to even set foot on the field. Both can be listened to, but the listening is a pale representation of actual attendance. Both existed before I was born and will thrive after my inevitable demise. Most importantly, both take me on a blissful journey and ennoble me. 

This is baseball and opera.

If you’re a baseball fan, please attend an opera. If you’re an opera fan, get out to the ballpark.


Ah, I’m Living in the Future

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I’d be pulled over to the side of the road blogging from my BlackBerry as I simultaneously download a podcast I would have said, “What’s this, Soothsayer?”  But it’s true. I’m pulled over in front of the Public Library in Cynthiana, Kentucky, using their public wi-fi to download a podcast onto my iTouch as I commemorate the occasion by blogging about it on my phone. This is just the beginning too, later today I’m going to proof read, revise and then upload said blog. At that point I’ll promote the blog by posting a link to it on Twitter. I’ll use hashtags to cast my link into many different feeds and hopefully, if my content is compelling, through grass roots means, by 9:00 pm tonight this commemoration will have been read by thousands of people around the world.

I still think we’re in the Stone Age of technology and I plan to continue to learn and virtually stretch my arms out around this world and dream of how to not only share my personality with all the personalities of the Earth, but make a dollar or two.

I remain your Captain of the Ship of Dreams,

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