You can have a clean slate if you want it,

Let’s re-invent ourselves together.

This is the time for new beginnings,

Together we’ll make the rarest days.

I saw what you were doing last Friday night,

And I must say you were looking beautiful,

Classy yet still modestly breasting your cards.

I want to scream at you,

“Reveal yourself”, but so mature,

You don’t need to come in first place.

Teach me to be patient, to listen,

Teach me to shine from the inside out!

Teach me to gallop through the wind,

To stand in the sun unflinching.

I’ll listen to what you know,

As you let me lead this dance.


Taco Trucks

Taco trucks have been on my mind a lot lately.  Perhaps because of the weather, it’s been typical August weather, hot.  Around 10:30 pm it starts to get really nice and I like to be outside.  And although I love to cook, the kitchen gets so hot from the stove and oven.  I prefer to nibble from the fridge throughout the day but later in the evening I can develop a pretty serious appetite.  Also this weather brings back so many wonderful memories of being with friends crowded around a taco truck.

     A while back I listened to a podcast in which Sergio Jimenez, the chef/owner of four taco trucks was interviewed.  He spoke about his philosophy and passion for what he was doing.  He talked about waking up at the crack of dawn, chopping onions, radishes, and cilantro, slicing limes, and cooking various meats that would be served in little corn tortillas.

     He set out each morning to make a difference.  He said he didn’t compete with other taco trucks but only with himself to make a superior product, better than he had the day before.  “I try to pour my soul into my food.  So that the customer, who may be having an average day, is changed by the experience of coming across something truly wonderful.”

I first experienced the taco truck in 1978.  On a summer night in Placentia, California my friends and I came up to a vacant lot at around 11:00 pm.  There was a taco truck with about 25 people standing around feasting.  This is what was available to eat:

     The tacos were small, inexpensive, and delicious.  The taco truck became one of the coolest institutions in my life.  It was there every Friday and Saturday night offering hope and perfection.

As a teacher I am confronted with so many bored and confused people.  Kids and parents both that have been beaten up with negative media stories, news about the recession, and the force-fed lies that Rhianna and Lady Gaga are good music.  Please!

I want to be the taco truck in people’s lives.  Consistent, accommodating, giving symbols of hope, and something to which to look forward .  In fact I might just fly out to Los Angeles, buy a taco truck and drive it to Lexington.  On summer nights I’d be parked at the different places Downtown, tweeting my next secret location to hungry followers, and serving up delicious little corn tortillas filled with promises of abundant life!